Jillian Pritchard and Dan Starling  
  A Doll's House, 2004  

A Doll’s House is an altered version of the text of Henrik Ibsen’s play of 1871.  The text is stripped of its dialogue, leaving only the stage directions and the structure, characters names and punctuation, in tact.  The installation of A Doll’s House includes a video and photographs of the performance of the play by the artists in a heritage house in Vancouver that is in the process of renovation.  The photographs document the performance from inside the house while the video documents the performance from the outside.  The viewer, a participant in the work, stands in between the photographs and the video while holding the book.

Borrowing from the subject of the play, A Doll’s House explores the tension created through the lack or inadequacy of communication in different media. The text acts as a starting point to a process of questioning the stability of meaning in all of the different media.  The viewer is left to make their own interpretation of the performance, the events surrounding the history of the house as well as the origins of the modernization and the current process of its gentrification and postmodernization.

A Doll's House was featured in the exhibition An Ideal Language, curated by Crystal Huba at the Helen Pitt Gallery in Summer 2004.


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